Case studies industrial water treatment by Merus Ring
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Case Studies

The examples and cases listed here are particularly successful applications of our Merus Rings.

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This case studies on this page are a spectrum of Merus applications. What can be achieved, how it is measured and proofed.
These are applications from scaling, corrosion, fouling and biofouling, in all kind of industries or commercials.
Most of these applications, have been successfully realized several times. And we have equipped not just one oil refinery or just one steel plant, but several of them.  On ships for instance Merus has solved innumerable applications, and we will soon present a list of the vessels together with a picture of the same. The cases presented here have been either the first one of its kind done by Merus or projects which are documented in a way which is presentable in the web.

In some of these case studies above you will find even written testimonials from our customers, which are there as the original. There are also missing several applications, we didn't get permission from our customers to talk about. Like applications in power plants, or other sensitive industries. Behind the table is a very powerful database. We will over time make use of this database and will add the possibility to select branches, countries or the type of liquid, and you might be able to search inside these case studies for a specific problem you are facing.

Also on this page you will find some calculation tools. There is a tool where you can calculate the possible savings of water and money, when using Merus in a cooling system. Another calculation tool, we found so important is the Heat Transfer Coefficient tool. Merus is using this internal a lot to check the fouling in a heat exchanger. So we decided as we like this tools so much to make this public, so interested clients or students can make use of this tool as well.