Merus Ring in cooling water systems
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Merus Ring in Cooling Water Systems

Cooling is required in next to all industries. There is of course the heavy industry, where the heat from the production has to be taken care of, there is the food industry where often the product has to be cooled, and of course in warmer parts of the world cooling is required for buildings, the engine on a vessel or the heat produced by machines like compressors has to be handled by cooling water, to tell only about a few examples.

For MERUS the treatment of cooling water and more often the treatment of complete cooling water systems has become one of the core competences.

Doesn't matter, if we are talking about so called:

  • Open cooling systems, where the cooling water is open to the atmosphere, mostly in a cooling tower or a row of cooling towers, where the evaporation is used for the cooling of the water, systems where seawater, river water or bore well water is used for the cooling.

  • Closed cooling systems, where the cooling water will not come in contact with the atmosphere and all time more or less the same water is used, and the cooling of the closed system is done indirect.

In most cooling water systems we are confronted with all the major problems caused by water. There is scaling, of course corrosion, fouling and bio-fouling in cooling systems. When using seawater for cooling even barnacles and other marine growth, we have to target. One of the beauties of the MERUS Rings is, we can handle all these problems, with one unit, where all the different problems are targeted.

In order to get corrosion or bio problems in a big system under control it is required, MERUS will treat the entire cooling water system. This means there will be throughout the system MERUS Rings installed at strategic locations, in order to get the whole water treated and get the highest possible performance. By treating only a small part of a big cooling system, it is possible to reduce the bio problems local at the machine to be treated, but it is not possible to get totally rid of the problem. In the case of bio film where the whole system is contaminated, MERUS has to ensure to get rid of all the biofilm in the system. If not the biofilm which is still remaining, will produce all the time new bacteria, which are released in the system, and will settle somewhere and produce as well more bacteria. Same is true for corrosion. If corrosion is treated only locally, the water will still have a high iron content which will travel with the water. In such a case it is very difficult to impossible to evaluate the success, as it is never known where the iron or the bacteria are coming from.
When treating an entire cooling water system, MERUS make a service agreement with the customer. So we not only deliver the hardware and let the customer alone, but MERUS offers a total solution. We deliver the hardware, the MERUS Rings and doing the installation, we are doing the analysizes of the water, using BOD, COD, LSI and other methods to get good indications what is going on in the cooling water. We do the reporting, we have regular meetings with the customer talk about the system, give recommendations, about the blow down cycles, we talk to the process people, to see about the performance of the cooling, if it is sufficient for the production. By having these close relation, MERUS is able to react immediately replace a MERUS Ring if required. In some cases we have even our own people stationend at customers place, this is sometimes the request of the customer or in cases there is a lof of analyszing we do on our own. This is of course only possible if the contract volume allows, to have a dedicated person.

Experience shows, when MERUS is responsible for the performance of the cooling as well, we not only reduce or turn off the chemicals, but we are able to optimize the blow down, which might lead to savings of water, but we see the performance of the cooling is more stable then before, there is no need of emergency shut down, which reduces downtimes drastical and saves the customer a lot of cost.

To make it easier to understand how and what we are doing a few examples. Please click on the link below.