Merus at Sea

Protecting water systems on ships and oil platforms with the Merus Ring. Water treatment against limescale, biofouling, algae and mussel growth as well as corrosion.

Treating Water on Ships and Vessels


Especially on ships and offshore water treatment with a Merus Ring is particularly useful.

The first reason for this is that the water treatment after the installation can be operated without further effort. Neither energy nor chemical additives are needed to maintain the effect. This is reducing space, weight and costs. Secondly, we are specialized in treating sea water where we face special challenges.

We have been working in marine and offshore for more than 10 years. Having started in Greece with a fresh water generator, we are now one of the leading providers of water treatment in Europe. We have installed Merus Rings on more than 100 ships, vessels and offshore platforms. Today the marine sector is one of our most growing markets.

Where we can help.


You will find Merus Rings on cruise ships, container vessels, cargo ships, ferryboats, tankships and supply vessels as well as offshore platforms.Treating the industrial, drinking and seawater on your ship with a Merus Ring is an environmentally friendly alternative to extensive cleaning.

There are three common problems we are facing on vessels:

  • Corrosion in pipes and the ship’s hull.
  • Lime scale and fouling – mainly where sea water is used.
  • Growth of mussels and barnacles in pipes, machines and on the ship’s hull.

These problems occur in different areas on a vessel. We have made contact with these in the following applications:

  • Fresh Water Generator – producing drinking water out of sea water
  • Domestic water system – providing sanitary facilities with fresh drinking water
  • Cooling water system – Direct or indirect (heat exchanger) engine cooling, box cooler and cooling for HVAC
  • Boiler – producing hot water and for steam production
  • Main Sea Water Inlet – where the sea water enters the vessel
  • Feed water separator
  • Vacuum sanitary system
  • Reverse Osmosis System
  • Fire Fighting System

For more insights in these projects please have a look at our case studies.

How we can help.


At this point we will focus on the function of a Merus Ring in the context of marine industry. For general information please read the explanation here.

When the sea water enters the ship it contains several foreign substances that can harm the water systems on the inside.

Salt water as an enemy of metal

Most obviously it contains salt. Metals in contact with water tend to corrode. Salt is an accelerator in this chemical reaction which means that pipes and systems in contact with sea water corrode quicker. The question is not if the ship and its system can resist against the decay but how long. Installing a Merus Ring means protecting pipes and systems. As the salt stays solved in the water the corrosion rate is reduced significantly. Thinking one step ahead: also "fresh water" contains salt (salt free water would be distilled water). Which means the effect of a Merus Ring in the system is not limited to sea water but works with all kind of water.

Not only salt in the stricter sense is held solved in the water. Also the solubility of lime scale is increased which means that there are far less deposits in the system. Cleaning and renovation costs are reduced significantly.

Merus Ring against biofilm

Secondly sea water contains biological substances or beings such as mussels, barnacles or algae. They can block pipes and valves and thus cause expensive damage. Furthermore they can settle in existing deposits and form a biofilm which increases the problem. With the Merus Ring no deposits form in the pipes and existing deposits vanish. Subsequently there is no habitat for biological growth and the biofilm will be removed.