Worldwide Sales partners and dealers for Merus Ring
water, corrosion, lime scale

GermanyMerus Germany

SingaporeMerus Oil and Gas

arMerus Argentina

Austria Merus Austria

beMerus Belgium

    Workship Brazil

californiaMerus California

cnMerus China

grMerus Estonia

Merus France

grMerus Greece

IndMerus Indonesia

krMerus Korea

Merus partner in MacedoniaMerus Macedonia

nlMerus Netherlands

nlMerus Norway

ukMerus UK

ukMerus Venezuela

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The pins in the map above mark either subsidiary companies of the Merus group, direct authorized dealers of the Merus group or authorized dealers of appointed general importers or branch organisations. Companies not listed on this map are not certified by Merus, in case of doubt please contact us direct.

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