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Experiences of our customers:

Submitted by Richard Klinger from Lashburn SK, Canada, Ring installed since 24-Jan-2019
written on 10. April 2019 at 20:06 o'clock

We installed a Merus ring in our maintenance shop in Lashburn, SK on Jan 24th 2019.
Prior to installation we took pictures of the fitting off a boiler in the wash bay that was almost plugged with limescale. Just a little over two months after the installation, we opened the same fitting and noticed that the fitting has no limescale. We also noticed that the sink was stained prior to the Merus Ring being installed, was getting cleaned from the stain.
After washing the vehicles with the water treated with Merus ring, they even look cleaner than before. Windows don’t need a lot of extra attention.

We asked a technician to take a look at the boilers in our wash bay. He checked them out for scale and told us that there’s no scale in the boilers.
Our car wash service technician was also very impressed with how clean the coils were and wants to install the ring in his customers car wash facilities. We are installing another ring on our water well to reduce issues with limescale.

We believe it is working, just don’t know why?

Submitted by Mario Ghidini from Munich, Ring installed since March 2019
written on 7. April 2019 at 11:10 o'clock

It’s a Kind of Magic, but it works.
We observed less problems with limestone, and at the same time, the water did not change the taste (as is the case with other devices).
The guys at Merus are very kind and exceptionally helpful.
Thank you, ciao.
P.S. Da provare assolutamente, altamente consigliato, noi ne siamo stati molto contenti.

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