Wet walls of houses in poultry farms

Performance Report of the Merus Rings in San Juan de los Lagos

Checking start date: April 22, 2021
Checking end date: May 27, 2021
Time worked: 28 days

The evaporative panel equipment is installed in the farms in order to maintain an optimal temperature inside the house where the birds are.
Due to the quality of water, climate and working time, the equipment has a high susceptibility to scale formation. In the summer time, the accumulation of scale becomes more severe and therefore it takes more time for the booths to have the required temperature, apart from the excessive cleaning and replacement of internal fillings.

Clean and avoid the formation of incrustation and corrosion of the filling, with the installation of the Merus rings (1 ½´´Industrial), making the equipment work optimally.

A Merus ring was installed at the pump discharge, maintaining the same operating regime.


After 28 days of work the results were:
• The present incrustation begins to soften, it was much easier to remove it with a brush.
• Elimination of incrustation inside the filling of the equipment.
• Elimination of corrosion in the metallic parts of the system.
• Increased team efficiency.

The Merus technology showed a positive result, fulfilling its objective. At first it eliminated the incrustation and existing corrosion of the equipment, as a consequence of the effect of the ring; and later it will avoid the formation of incrustation and corrosion. The inspection of the cells of the equipment (before and after the installation of Merus) indicates that they presented an incrustation layer greater than 1mm, at the end of time the elimination of a large part of the layer is observed and with a change in color ( See Annexes)
Improving in this way the temperature of the house and therefore an optimal work on the farm. According to the results indicated by the temperature sensors, the quality indexes are met according to the fact that the condition of the equipment improved considerably and the reduction in cleaning times of the equipment.

It is recommended to install Merus technology in the rest of the houses on the farm.

Savings after Merus Ring

• Savings by substituting 100% of the chemical treatment of the panels and / or cleaning work.
• Savings for annual replacement of evaporative panels.
• Maintenance periods would be lengthened at least twice, for this concept, the annual cost of maintenance.
• The current consumption of energy in pumping water, corresponding to the operation of the pumps.
• Less water consumption to maintain the temperature and humidity of the poultry houses.

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