CO2 Footprint

PCF - Product Carbon Footprint

For the year 2019 Merus has had calculated its first CO2 balance. We were supported by First Climate - an international organization with more than 20 years of experience in supporting climate friendly business. Our balance was calculated in accordance with international standards with data provided by the IEA (International Energy Agency) oder Ecoinvent.

The Product Carbon Footprint includes the CO2 emitted throughout the whole product lifecycle. Raw material and production as well as recycling and waste is taken into account when calculating the PCF.

Following our guidelines towards transparency we would like to share our data with you. If you are interested in reading more about our goals and intentions, please have a look at our blog series.

Company Merus GmbH
Industry Water Treatment
Database 2019
Reporting Year 2020
Material Purchasing Amount Total Weight t CO2e in %
Raw Material
Aluminum 1.159 kg 27,68
Screws 45 kg 0,09
Folding Cardboard Box 72 kg 0,06
Subtotal Purchasing 27,84 61,2%
Supply Chain Vehicle Total Weight t CO2e in %
Inbound Logistics
Inbound Logistics Lkw 7,5-12 t 83,6 tkm 0,01
Outbound Logistics
Air Freight Flug-Mittelstrecke 4.540,1 tkm 12,62
Road Freight Lkw 7,5-12 t 383,9 tkm 0,04
Subtotal Supply Chain 12,67 27,8%
Production Energy Source Consumption t CO2e in %
Power Consumption
Production Merus Ring Blanks Strommix-DE 10.000 kWh 4,95
Subtotal Production 4,95 10,9%
Waste/Recycling Type of Disposal Weight t CO2e in %
Aluminum Metal Recycling 1.159 kg 0,02
Screw Metal Recycling 45 kg 0,00
Cardboard Box Paper Recycling 72 kg 0,00
Subtotal Waste/Recycling 0,03 0,1%
Total 45,48 100%

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