Costs & Benefits

Some Thoughts about the Return on your Investment

When is it worth installing a Merus Ring?

Talking about universal and absolute numbers to show costs and benefits is unreliable. After all these figures depend on the size of a problem and how great the impact on your processes is. 

If you have long down times due to cleaning or service, you need a reliable solution. If cleaning your shower is energy-sapping, your washing machine smells unpleasantly or you can't see your valve under lime scale, we might have the perfect product for you.

This expenditure of time can be calculated as costs and compared to the savings after the installation of a Merus Ring.

Industrial Applications

To calculate the benefit of a Merus Ring for the customer let's have a closer look at the costs before the installation which need to be taken in consideration.

First of all cleaning costs including personnel-related costs and materiel expenses need to be taken into account. Also costs for chemical additives used to keep the pipes as clean as possible between the services have to be added.

Sometimes it is easy to calculate, what down times of a system cost if they need to be cleaned regularly. In this case an investment in Merus Rings can be judged against these costs. An unexpected production interruption due to insufficient cooling is the nightmare of many production managers.

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Private Homes - Sample Calculation

First of all, there are short-term costs due to the increased cleaning time in the bathroom and kitchen. Lime not only settles in the pipes, but also on fittings and in washbasins.

On the long run costs for (household) appliances being in contact with water are important. Where untreated water flows, deposits can harm the appliances. They have a significant share in the total value of the house. The Merus Ring can extend the product life time. Before we explain this let's have a short look at the estimated value of these appliances in a single-family house.

  • Bathroom (shower, bathtub, washbasin, WC,  fittings) 3,500$ and more
  • Washing machine 600-3,000$
  • Dishwasher 600-1.100$
  • Electric kettle, coffee machine, etc.

Including an average value for a heating system the total value amounts to almost 12,000$. Annual costs of about 900$ for cleaning (Cleaning products and time - approx 1 hour per week for 14$ plus 170$ for cleaning products).

Damages in the system can cost a lot of money.


So, where is the benefit?

Installing a Merus Ring can save costs in two areas. Firstly cleaning the bathroom and kitchen is made easier. There is visible less lime scale in the house hold. The remaining lime scale is soft and can be removed easily with a damp cloth. Annoying and lengthy cleaning is not necessary anymore.  

We think this is an attractive scenario.

Secondly the Merus Ring prevents the pipe from rust and corrosion. Existing corrosion is removed. Thus the product life time is enhanced and renovation costs are reduced.

This means the costs for the ring will be amortized in 1-2 years.


That's all?

Yes. Once installed the Merus Ring works right away and for many years. Further chemical cleaning in the system is not necessary - this is also a big advantage for the environment.

Other methods of water treatment need further action regularly. For example buying regenerating salt. Water treatment with the Merus Ring is more simple and needs less effort.

How will I see if it works?

Right after the installation more lime scale than usual will be flushed out of the pipe if there are already existing deposits. In order to prevent it from causing trouble you should turn up the water fully from time to time to rinse out the lime scale (please remove the aerator for this).

Remaining lime scale (e.g. in the kettle) can be removed when moist. "New" deposits on the fittings will form less and in a very soft consistency. Easy to remove.

If you have further questions or uncertainties please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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