Water Treatment with the Merus Ring

Water treatment without chemicals against limescale, corrosion and biofilm in pipes and systems.

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What we do

Since 1996 we solve problems around fluids, mainly water treatment.  This we do in the industry, in big and small buildings and private homes with our Merus Ring.

The key word "solving" can be taken in the literal sense. In most cases it is not the water causing problems. If foreign substances in the water settle - for example in pipes or machines - the whole issue gets difficult and costly.

We advice and support you to get rid of limescale, corrosion or biofouling in your pipe. No matter how small or big your problem is.
By the way our alternative water softener is the hit.

Our Merus Ring

With the Merus Ring at the pipe the solubility of the soluble parts in the water can be increased.

This means for example: more limescale is soluble in the water and runs off with the water instead of blocking pipes and valves.

The trick here? We use the natural oscillation which is characteristic for every chemical substance. This can be changed to our benefit with superimposing waves.

This method of water treatment doesn't need further chemical additives in the water and no additional energy source is necessary. Without side effects it is ideal for drinking water as well as industrial water.

Merus Ring

Merus Beehive

Merus for Biodiversity.

It is our belief that in our ecosystem water, air, earth and living beings are connected in a cycle. Since we are connected to the region in which we live and work, we make a small contribution to biodiversity by supporting a beekeeper. Without beekeepers, no bees - without bees nature and man suffer.

Everyone can do something for a healthy environment and plant flowers in the garden or, as far as possible, abandon pesticides in agriculture.

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Merus saving Bees

What we promise.

Evidence and Proof

We are able to visualize the effect of a Merus Ring in your pipes, machines or water systems and make it measurable. There are different methods for a before and after comparison to show the performance of the water treatment. Often existing methods can be used.

If you have specific questions concerning this topic, please use our contact form to address them. General information is summarized here.


We are convinced of the performance of our Merus Ring. For two decades we have been installing our rings all over the world for different applications.

That’s the reason why we give a full warranty on the effect for years after the purchase. If you should have the impression that the effect diminishes over time please contact us to find a solution for this.

We have a heart for sustainability. This means: under normal conditions the Merus Ring works far longer than five years. In some cases they are installed about 20 years and still work perfectly.


Installing the Merus Ring is very simple. No shut down or cutting of a pipe. With our manual you can see how the installation is done.

For bigger applications we will send a technician to make sure the rings are installed correctly.

If problems occur with the installation, we will be ready to support you. In every case. At last it is in our interest that the Merus Ring can show its best performance at every application.

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