Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment is divided into several areas. The raw water, the process water and the wastewater treatment.The requirement for the water treatment vary a lot. Is the water to be used later as process water for a process, such as in the production of microchips or in the pharmaceutical industry? Then the requirements for the purity and chemical values of the water are very high. To remove contaminant a filter has to be used.
In such cases Industrial or Bio Industrial Merus Rings are used in addition to other water treatment processes. As pre-treatment to support filtration or reverse osmosis.

Is the water used to transport solids or energy? For heating or cooling in the manufacturing? For washing or cleaning equipment? Usual the demands on the water quality in such industrial water uses are less high. For such supposedly simpler tasks, Merus rings are the perfect treatment technology solution. Very often used as the only water treatment equipment in a plant.
Here, Merus has been able to prove its strengths and achieve very good results for over 25 years. Talk to us and let us surprise you!

In our application examples from industry, you will find a selection of our most common fields of application. On request, we will be happy to tell you more about our experience in your industrial field.

Industrial water treatment with the Merus Ring is basically the same as in all sectors. No matter what problem is to be treated, the Merus Ring is placed around the water pipe and immediately start working and shows its effect.

The water treatment with the Merus Ring works with a physical process. You need no chemicals or additional energy. The installation is very simple, as no contact with the liquid is required. For larger installations, we are also happy to provide on-site support.

We do both either take care about the whole plant or facility. Or we treat just some critical equipment, such as boiler, pump or cooling system.

For larger systems, we offer to take over the water treatment completely for you as part of a service contract. We take care about the water quality, the performance of the rings and the application. Do maintenance if required.

After all, it is irrelevant for you and your system how many rings we install and where. The main thing is that the problems are solved.

Once installed, the Merus Ring shows its effect over many years. Existing deposits are removed and new ones are prevented.

The Merus ring is made of aluminum. This is charged by us. This means that it is put in a position to emit targeted oscillations. When these are transferred to the liquid, some of its physical properties change. In this way, the solubility of the foreign substances dissolved in the water increases. Limescale deposits thus literally dissolve, corrosion is minimized and biofilm disappears.

We can supply Merus rings from 1/2 inch to 24 inch/ DN600 from stock. Bigger sizes up to 80" we can supply on demand.

There are a lot more industrial application we can handle. We treat industrial wastewater, we have solutions for crude oil either upstream or in refineries, we are very good in seawater treatment and its related problems.

You still have questions about how the whole thing should work? Then read here...
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Industrial water treatment installation offshore

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