Questions & Answers

How can I prove the effect?

There are many methods to monitor the performance of the Merus Ring, please have a look at this page: Performance Monitoring  

How is the Merus Ring installed?

In private homes or for small installations no expertise is needed. That's why we send you the ring and you can install it on your own. All you need is a Allan Hex Key and some insulating tape. You will get an installation manual with your Merus Ring or as PDF. For bigger installations where the place of installation has to be chosen carefully, we provide support by our technicians or partners world wide. We will decide what is suitable in cooperation with you.

Are there side effects (e.g. on our health)?

No, as the (drinking)water is not affected chemically. Negative side effects are not known and not possible in our understanding. Quite the contrary: avoiding biofouling and corrosion in the water could have a positive effect on your general health.  

Does the Merus Ring filter substances out of the water?

No, soluble substances in the fluid will not vanish through the Merus Ring. They will stay dissolved and existing deposits will be solved and flushed out. That is why if needed, an additional filter can filter out these foreign substances easily.

What is the maximum flow rate that can be treated with the Merus Ring?

For different flow rates we have different Merus Ring types. For private homes the Merus Ring standard is sufficient. For industrial application we have special sizes - we have tested cases with flow rates of more than 10,000m³ per hour.

At which temperature does the Merus Ring work?

We have achieved good results at temperatures of the fluid over 300°C (570°F). Nevertheless the outside temperature of the pipe should not exceed 90°C (194°F). Of course an absolute precondition for the effect is that the fluid is in the liquid state. If this condition is satisfied there are no further restrictions  

Do I need an extra Merus Ring for the hot water cycle?

No, for smaller applications one Merus Ring at the cold water cycle is sufficient. For bigger applications with circulating water it can be useful to install a second ring in the cycle. We will give our advice for your installation considering all information about your system.

In which radius does the effect last in the pipe system?

Under optimal circumstances (e.g. at a deep sea pipe in the oil industry), the longest tested distance was 30 km. For industrial applications with electrical machines surrounding the ring the coverage range is shorter.

How many Merus Rings do I need?

For small applications (e.g. private homes up to 6 apartments) usually one Merus Ring is sufficient. It is installed at the main water line in the basement. The smaller Merus Rings (3/4'', 1'', 1 1/4'') have a capacity of 12m³ per day - this equals the maximum water consumption of 20 persons. For industrial application we have special Merus Rings for higher flow rates. We have made successful installations with a flow volume of more than 10,000 m³ per hour.  

Is the effect of the Merus Ring consumed and decreases over the time?

No, usually the effect of the Merus Ring is constant - it doesn't discharge. As long as the particles in the water aren't limited or stopped in their movement they maintain the oscillation. To understand how the Merus Ring works it should be compared with a CD rather than a battery. You can listen to the music as often as you want to - it will not get "empty" or "used up". Nevertheless for different reasons the effect can diminish over the time (like scratches in old CDs). If you have this impression please contact us, sometimes a change of place of installation can be necessary.  

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