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All information needed for the correct installation of your Merus Ring.

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The Merus Ring is available in different sizes.abmessungen

Which size you need depends on circumference or diameter of your pipe. Depending on your application there are different Rings for bigger flow rates. Standard - Industrial - HCI (High Capacity Industrial), within our consultation concerning your application we will suggest the Rings suitable for your needs.

The following table shows the most popular measurements in smaller applications. For bigger pipe diameters just contact us. We have Rings up to 24'' on stock. Individual manufacturing of rings up to 72'' (about 2 m) is possible.


Dimensions in mm Diameter inside  (A) Diameter outside (B) Height (C)
3/4 Zoll 28  75 25
1 Zoll 35  75 25
1 1/4 Zoll 43  75 25
1 1/2 Zoll 49  100 25
2 Zoll 61  100 25


The following link guides you to a short explanation how to identify the pipe diameter. 


Installing the Merus Ring is quite simple. So, often the customer himself can install the ring. Depending on size and complexity of the installation support of our technicians can be necessary for industrial applications.

The ring is delivered in in form of two aluminium half shells, held together by two screws.  

After undoing the screws, the Merus Ring has to be placed around the pipe. For the installation only an Allan Hex Key and some insulating tape is needed.

Of course you will get a detailed description of installation and trial phase with the Merus Ring. If you like to have a closer look at these papers in the run-up, please find the documents through the following links. 


Installation Manual