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Experiences of our customers:

Submitted by Cole Hopfner from Lashburn SK, Canada, Ring installed since May 2019
written on 6. September 2019 at 01:24 o'clock

Before the Merus Ring we had a lot of hard water stains on the shower doors, sinks and toilets. Even when watering the grass, the grass would have white stains.
Our dishwasher is stainless steel with stainless steel inside tub. After a few weeks of installation, it looks as new as the day we bought it. There is not one sign of scale or stains. Our glasses and dishware are coming out spotless as well.
My younger daughter says that her skin and hair has never felt so clean. My oldest daughter comes from Lloydminster just to wash her hair saying it gets it so clean.
All in all, it has been an awesome investment and would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you,
Cole Hopfner

Submitted by Diane Ramage from Acerage home, Ring installed since 06/19
written on 1. September 2019 at 21:12 o'clock

We have been dealing with excessive sodium in our well water for over 40 years.
Seeping white residue on plumbing joints and white water spots on bathroom and kitchen counters and taps, and the on gardens and trees after watering.
Within two weeks after the ring was installed, I began to notice no white spots on counters and taps. No more residue seeping from plumbing joints.
I’m very happy with the results from the Merus Ring.
Thanks Gaz for your friendly and professional service.

Submitted by Wayne Mahnecke from South Africa, Ring installed since 09/2018
written on 22. Juli 2019 at 09:08 o'clock

I have a very high lime content in my water (400ppm+). The maintenance on geysers and other water fixtures is high. I have installed a Merus Ring at my reservoir since September 2018 and since then the following has changed:
1. Limescale deposits have reduced significantly
2. Pipes, taps, kettle, etc. have less limescale deposit without any type of removal activities required.
a truly BRILLIANT Product!

Submitted by Mel MacEachern from 7805227201, Ring installed since May 2019
written on 25. Juni 2019 at 23:56 o'clock

We live in Lloydminster, AB where our water is slightly on the hard side. Over the years, we’ve noticed scale build up on all faucets and kitchen appliances. Never having any water softening system before, we installed the ring when we heard some reviews about how it had reduced hardness in other households in the area.
Personally I have noticed increased suds when adding soap but my husband does not feel the water feels any different to him. I’ve noticed when I water plants outside I do not get that hard water marks on the pots or deck like I have in the past. There is not as much of a build up around my faucets and. We have not noticed any change in the taste of the water and we never had any smell in our water.
A bonus was how easy it was to install the ring and does not require any add’l space in our utility room.

Submitted by Chris Bogue from Lloydminster- Canada, Ring installed since Feb-2019
written on 23. April 2019 at 18:03 o'clock

The Merus ring and the “science” behind it, is something that does not sit well with me, I am a very fact-based person and I don’t believe something if I have not seen it for myself or any reasonable explanation behind its claims. Having said that, I’ve noticed the buildup receding in the clear PEX tubing. This is located just after my pressure accumulator tank. Also, it took very little effort cleaning the tub itself from the rust build up. minimal force and a very mild cleaning solution ( Mr. clean general purpose and water, no soak time on a rag ). Not only myself have noticed the difference in our water system. My wife had noticed a change in the water quality to “less smelly”. I have noticed that the water lathers easily and soap lasts longer and as for the smell it is almost all gone.

Below is the list of observed changes to the water quality:
• Smell is all but gone or minimized
• Easier to clean tub, sink and jets. Less buildup
• Soap lathers better and lasts longer
• One of the main water lines appears cleaner with receding build up line

Submitted by Richard Klinger from Lashburn SK, Canada, Ring installed since 24-Jan-2019
written on 10. April 2019 at 20:06 o'clock

We installed a Merus ring in our maintenance shop in Lashburn, SK on Jan 24th 2019.
Prior to installation we took pictures of the fitting off a boiler in the wash bay that was almost plugged with limescale. Just a little over two months after the installation, we opened the same fitting and noticed that the fitting has no limescale. We also noticed that the sink was stained prior to the Merus Ring being installed, was getting cleaned from the stain.
After washing the vehicles with the water treated with Merus ring, they even look cleaner than before. Windows don’t need a lot of extra attention.

We asked a technician to take a look at the boilers in our wash bay. He checked them out for scale and told us that there’s no scale in the boilers.
Our car wash service technician was also very impressed with how clean the coils were and wants to install the ring in his customers car wash facilities. We are installing another ring on our water well to reduce issues with limescale.

We believe it is working, just don’t know why?

Submitted by Mario Ghidini from Munich, Ring installed since March 2019
written on 7. April 2019 at 11:10 o'clock

It’s a Kind of Magic, but it works.
We observed less problems with limestone, and at the same time, the water did not change the taste (as is the case with other devices).
The guys at Merus are very kind and exceptionally helpful.
Thank you, ciao.
P.S. Da provare assolutamente, altamente consigliato, noi ne siamo stati molto contenti.

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