Certified distribution partners for our Merus rings

Our Merus rings are sold exclusively, through a qualified and well-trained distribution partner network.
Dealers without exclusivity or sub-dealers of our partners are partially not shown on this map. This map has 3 layers and is interactive.

Click on the map below to find your nearest retailer.

The continent
Click on the continent, it opens and the countries are displayed.

The country
Countries with a dealer are dark blue. If you move your mouse over the country an image appears. This is the image we associate from Merus with the respective country.
If you dont agree with our selection or you have a better image, we should display, feel free to send us the image. And we will consider update it.

The states or provinces of the country
By clicking on a dark blue country, where we have a dealer, a detailed map of the country opens.
There is a red marker at the location of the dealer, there you find the contact details of our dealers.

New dealer
If your country is still free, and you are interested to become a dealer of Merus GmbH, please feel free to contact us.

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