Merus Ring in Refineries

Merus Treatment against fouling in the cooling water and fouling in the hydro carbon process.

Fouling and Deposits in Refinieries.

Processing crude oil means dismantling it in its valuable elements with heat. In a distillation process the crude oil is heated up until it evaporates. By cooling it down step by step  products like heating oil, diesel, gasoline and gases are extracted when the temperature has fallen below their condensation heat.

In Refineries fluids are not only carried in the crude oil processing system but also on the outside to control the temperature in the distillation process. 

This means that in the oil industry the function of the Merus Ring is not limited to treating water. We also offer special Rings for treating oil. For these cases please go to Merus Oil and Gas.


In the crude oil processing costs for cleaning of the system are challenging. One major factor is paraffin wax which is dissolved in the crude oil in the soil. When producing the crude oil, pressure and temperature drops and the paraffin settles in the pipe. This leads to expensive down times for cleaning. Also chemicals are used to keep the pipes clean. All these measures affect the crude oil production negatively.


We have been doing research on oil treatment after we got in contact with these problems when treating cooling water in refineries. We were sure that treating fluids can not be limited to watery liquids. And we were right. We have now developed a specialized Merus Ring with which paraffin waxes are held soluble even in temperatures below 0°C.

We are furthermore able to prevent the system from fouling in the hydro carbon process.

How Merus can help.

Some of the problems in refineries are similar to those in other industries such as problems in cooling water. Here we are facing limescale and corrosion as well as biofouling. If you need water treatment on the cooling side of the process please have a look at the information here. If your problems are caused by salty sea water you might also find it interesting to read the explanations on our Marine page.

In a stricter sense crude oil is a mixture of substances. This is the difference between oil and water treatment. Water including different foreign substances is a solution - thus the task is to hold these substances solved in the water. Whereas in a mixture of different liquids like crude oil the challenge is to hold the substances in a liquid state. This means that all substances are flushed through the system without residues even if pressure and temperature changes.

That is the reason why we could not just apply the Merus Ring standard for oil treatment. We had to develop the technology further and now offer a specialized Merus Ring.

Nevertheless the installation and maintenance is as easy as for the water rings. The aluminum Merus Ring is placed around the pipe. It is not necessary to damage the pipe because no contact between Merus Ring and fluid is needed. (More ...)
Merus Oil and Gas

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