Water treatment in Refineries

Merus Treatment against fouling in the cooling water and fouling in the hydro carbon process.

Fouling and Deposits in Refinieries

Processing crude oil means dismantling it in its valuable elements with heat. In a distillation process the crude oil is heated up until it evaporates. By cooling it down step by step  products like heating oil, diesel, gasoline and gases are extracted when their condensate temperature is reached.

The function of Merus ring is not limited to the treatment of water, in the oil industry. We also offer special rings for the treatment of hydro carbons. For these cases please go to Merus Oil and Gas.


In crude oil processing, the cost of cleaning the plant is a challenge. One major factor is the impurities in the crude oil and also in the cooling water. A second factor is the high temperatures required for the refining process, which cause high stress on the pipes and machinery used. This leads to emergency shut down, expensive downtime to clean and replace worn or damaged components. A few days  loss of production, due to a clogged heat exchanger, can involve quite high costs.

Facilitating the refinery process using Merus Rings

We did research in the field of oil treatment after encountering these problems in the treatment of cooling water in refineries. We were sure that fluid treatment could not be limited to aqueous fluids. And we were right. We have now developed a special Merus ring to treat hydrocarbons. And we can even do this in high-temperature processes of more than 300° Celsius.

We have thus  proven that we are now able to treat heat exchangers on both sides. With problems in the water area, but also in the hydrocarbon area. When treating heat exchangers on both sides, even the performance of the Merus Rings are improving.

But majority of the cooling in a refinery are for auxiliary machines, like lubeoil coolers, the cooling of compressors and such things.

How Merus can help

Most of the problems we see in refineries are similar to those in other industries. Here we are facing the standard problems in water as limescale and corrosion as well as biofouling. If you need water treatment on the cooling side of the process please have a look at the information here. If your problems are caused by salty sea water you might also find it interesting to read the explanations on our Marine page.

By keeping heat exchangers clean or at least slow down the speed of fouling a lot of energy can be saved. Either the hydro carbon is brought to the required temperatur with less energy. Or the cooling is more efficient with clean surface. Both is saving energy and this CO2.

Merus Oil and Gas

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