Convert units – temperatures, pressure, hardness

Conversion of units

We use different units for weights, volumes, lengths, pressures and temperatures. Depending on the region of the world, we measure the temperature either in Celsius or Kelvin or Fahrenheit.

Here you can convert the values

Enter the values you like to convert in the fields highlighted in green. On the left the value and select the unit of measurement on the right. Then the corresponding converted values are displayed below.

Water hardness converter

    equals approx. °gh  °fh    °eh    gpg    ppm    mmol/l

Temperature converter

    equals approx. °C      °K      ° F details

Pressure unit converter

    equals approx.  

Volume converter

    equals approx.

MPY converter

    equals approx.

Flow rate converter

Volume flow: pipe diameter:  gives Velocity: Converted:

Delta Temperatures

Temperature 1: ° Temperature 2: °
Delta T in °F:
Delta T in °C:
Delta T in °K:

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