Evaporative cooling poultry house

Location: San Juan de los Lagos, Mexico

Trialperiod app. 6 weeks in april and may 2021

In more and more barns during the summer, the air is cooled and the humidity increased. With this kind of air conditioning the animals in the barns, whether cow, pig or poultry, thus have less stress and deliver a better yield.
evaporative cooling systemIn the current case, in the outer walls of the barn, so-called evaporative cooling pads are installed. These systems consist of a pump that pumps water in a circuit, and through the actual pads in which the evaporation takes place. Depending on the size of the building to be cooled and the need for cooling, several such evaporative cooler are installed in series. In principle, these systems are an open cooling circuit. The outside air flows through the evaporative cooler. The evaporate water removes heat from the air, and the passing air stream absorbs water droplets in this cooling process. In this way, cooling and humidification of the room is achieved. The charming thing about this evaporative principle, it is energy-efficient as no additonal energy is needed for cooling. As long as you supply the evaporative cooler with water and air, the evaporation takes place by itself.

Probelm definition:
At the location of this farm, the water quality is not so good. The climate in the subtropics and the many hours of operation also take their toll on the evaporative cooling system. Despite chemical treatment of the water, the evaporative cooling panels tend to have heavy scale deposits. In the summertime, deposits are even more pronounced. These deposits reduce the cooling capacity. As a result, it is much more difficult to maintain the required temperature and moisture in the barns. More and more frequent cleaning is required. Which in turn reduces the service life of the fins and requires increased replacement of the internal fillings - pads. Which comes at a significant cost.

Less deposits in and on the fins and pads, thus less effort for cleaning. Reduction of corrosion on the metallic parts. The evaporative cooling should work optimally to dissipate as much heat as possible, make the house cooler and costs are reduced.

One Merus ring was installed in the circulation line after the pump. No other changes were made to the system or process flow.

- The existing encrustation on the surfaces became soft. And were thus much easier to remove with a brush.
- The incrustations in the filling of the panels have become less.
- The corrosion on the metal parts of the equipment, especially frames of the pads, are much less.

According to our customer, the Merus technology showed a positive result and met the expectations. First, the lime incrustation and the existing rust in the plant disappeared by itself. Inspection of the cells of the plant after the installation of Merus showed deposits of more than 1mm on the panels at the beginning. At the end of the time, most of these deposits had disappeared. The color of the few remaining deposits, has changed.They are now water-soaked, quite soft and easy to remove. The barn or the poultry house gets cooler and the cooling happens faster. The temperature on the sensors in the room no longer rise so high. And now meet the quality specifications. The condition of the equipment has improved considerably and cleaning times have been reduced significantly.

Managers at this site recommend to install the Merus technology in the rest of their group's barns and poultry houses.

Savings through the Merus Ring

• The water is no longer chemically treated. The cost of chemicals is completely eliminated.
• Cleaning the panels is much easier and takes less than half the time.
• Far fewer evaporative panels need to be replaced each year.
• Maintenance needs to be performed less than half as often compared to before.
• The pumps use much less energy because the water flows through the panels more easily.
• Less water consumption to maintain the temperature and humidity of the poultry houses.

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