Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling play a big role on a small and large scale. For this application we have big industrial customers as well as small private users. We are talking about HVAC which stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

In private homes or offices this is responsible for keeping the feet warm and for keeping the room comfortably cool.

In industry and production heating and cooling is necessary to keep the temperature level stable. In these cases the air conditioning can be a crucial quality factor. Not only because employees need to be cool-headed but also because temperature changes can harm the product.


Where we can help.

Heating and cooling is a broad field. We have been working with long-distance heating and cooling. In warm regions of the word for example the middle east, cool water is led through a network of pipes. In colder areas, New York, Peking or Moskau needs warm water. In case of warmth usually waste heat of power plants is used. For cooling a central, big cooling machine is providing cool water for domestic cooling.

Corrosion and biofouling are two problems in these water networks. We find this also in big cooling systems, for example in shopping centers, hotels or big office buildings.

If you have further questions on this please contact us.


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