Solubility in water increased

One of the outstanding properties of water is its ability to dissolve many elements, substances and even gases in water.
Nature uses this property, water dissolves minerals from its environment and transports them with it. Therefore sea water is salty, so stalactite caves are formed or plants are supplied with minerals.
Technically we use this property in many ways. In chemistry or pharmacy, solubility in water is a prerequisite for many processes. The manufacturer prepares the concentrate, brings it to the customer, who then dissolves it in water. We dissolve sugar in coffee, tea or other beverages, to name just a few examples. Carbon dioxide in mineral water or beer is nothing but gas dissolved in water.

Limits of solubility

Physics limits the solubility of substances in liquids. On the one hand, of course, it is not possible to dissolve an arbitrarily large amount in water. The water has a certain capacity to dissolve substances. If this capacity limit is reached, one speaks of saturation. Beyond this saturation limit nothing can be dissolved in water.

The second factor is temperature. In the Pharmacopoeia, a standard work of the European Pharmacy, information on solubility is given for a temperature between 15°C and 25°C. The solubility of the pharmaceutical is given in the form of a solubility curve. Temperature does not always have the same effect on solubility, some substances become more soluble at higher temperatures, others tend to precipitate at higher temperatures. The topic is therefore very complex and fills entire shelf rows in libraries with specialist literature.

Water solubility is increased by Merus rings

Merus is able to increase the solubility of all soluble substances in water or other liquids.

We only consider the salts dissolved in the water, because they are directly related to calcified pipes or machines.
Merus increases the solubility considerably. If the water has more „solution“ capacity, then it is also able to dissolve more calcium carbonates. Can therefore break down scale or lime in pipes and machines.
And the amazing thing is that it works even at very high temperatures. For example in water boilers or even in steam generators. In the oil & gas industry we work successfully with temperatures of 400°C.

Practical use of higher solubility

Customers report that they need less coffee powder or less detergent to achieve the same cleanliness of laundry or taste of coffee. Such statements can easily be dismissed as subjective. One can argue a customer only saves washing powder because he now pays attention to it and has previously overdosed.

But in some areas we have measurable facts.

  • Farmers in Canada in the USA need significantly less pesticide and fertilizer to achieve the same results as before.
  • Ecological aquacultures that produce organic salmon are able to dissolve up to 15% more oxygen in the water with Merus.
  • We are told from public indoor swimming pools that since Merus rings have been used, the dosage of chlorine has been reduced by half. Controlled by measuring the redox value or BOD.
  • A customer of ours from the oil industry has measured the amount of paraffin wax in the oil that goes into the front of an oil pipeline and comes out the back. (Cold Finger Test) He got 104%. This means that 4% more paraffin arrived at the end of the line than went in the front. See

We have a number of similar results. We would be happy to discuss with you whether and how we can help.

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