pool in garden

The private pool we are talking about is located in a large garden in Slovenia. This big pool, is 12 meters x 6 meters and 1.5 meters deep and it holds about 100 cubic meters / 25,000 gallons of water. This new garden pool is 6 years old, the previous one was a bit smaller. The customer has gained over the years a lot of experience with the maintenance of his swimming pools. The design of the swimming pool is straight forward. The rectangular pool has on one side stairs and space to sit in the water. The remaining pool space is for swimming.

The main visible problem of the swimming pool before installation, was lime scale on the walls of the pool. And most likely scaling in the entire circulation system, including valves and pumps. Despite the constant addition of chlorine, algae continued to form on the lime deposits on the walls.

At the start of the pool season, in late spring 2021, a 2 1/2" Merus Ring HCI Bio was installed. The ring sits on the pool's circulation line. The fresh water comes from the family house, where a Ring is also installed. So the circulated water and the freshwater is treated, which ensure the best performance to treat the swimming pool.

The water in the pool turned white

Our customer reports:

scale on pool roboterAfter installing the ring, we noticed after 2 weeks that the water in the pool turned white. Lime dust formed on the bottom of the garden pool. On the photo you can see the pool cleaning robot completely white from lime dust after it dried out. The filters in the robot were also completely filled with lime powder. The powder detached from the walls of the pool and circulation system, so it ended up in the water before completely dissolving after some time.
We regularly used robots and cleaning filters to remove as much lime from the water as possible.


On the video you can see a shallow part of the pool, where the bottom is covered with lime powder. It is easy to see how much lime the broom stirs up..
This situation lasted about 4 to 5 weeks, after which the lime dissolved and the water remained completely clear. The crust dissolved in the water, the walls were no longer rough, but completely smooth. Algae also no longer appeared.
"We have had the pools for over 20 years and the water has never been as clear as it was after installing the Merus ring.
We also put significantly less chemicals in the pool (chlorine and pH) after installing the ring."

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