Protect Pumps from Fouling

Vacuum pumps are used in the industry in various processes. For instance to transport liquids, to reduce the moisture in a product or to keep the vacuum in the condenser of a power plant. If there is calcium carbonte or other scale forming minerals in the liquid, the risk of forming limescale is very high. The reason for this increased scaling, the vacuum is removing gases like CO2 from the water, the pH is changing and the risk of scaling is getting higher. Therefore vacuum pumps have, in certain processes, to be regularlly cleaned and maintained.

For this the production has to be stopped, the pump has to be disassembeld, the parts and surfaces with scaling on it, have to be cleaned mechanically. If deposits are difficult to remove, chemical cleaning has to be used. Such a maintenance can easy take several hours.
In addition, chemical or mechanical cleaning using a lot of force, might harm the surfaces. Which in turn leads to corrosion and a shorter lifecycle of the parts of the pump. The maintenance of pumps usually represents a high expenditure of time and money.

This actual case was done in a very big heavy industry plant in China. It was agreed to demonstrate the performance of Merus at one of the countless vacuum pumps and document the results visual.
The first photo was taken direct before the installation of the Merus Ring. The second one exact one month later. The improvements are alreday obvious. The last photo was taken after another month. The pump is almost as new.


The vacuum is stable

For the technicians from the maintenance department, it was already obvious before the opening of the pump, that the pump must be almost clean. Because the vacuum was more stable than before. And there have been no unplanned shut downs anymore.
The pump is running now years without any problems. The pump is only now and then inspected during regular maintenance. The customer is very satisfied. During the years the vacuum pumps have alwayse caused a lot of problems, effort and cost. Now not anymore.


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