Water Filters

A water filter is a mechanical device used to remove foreign substances out of water. It works like a sieve with holes of varying size. In some cases only solids are filtered out. This means that substances which are solved in the water stay in there.

If there is a membrane as filter (for example for reverse osmosis) also solved particles are removed and the result is fresh water.

Water filters are a big part of the physical water treatment. Where water is contaminated it can be necessary to filter it before other water treatment methods are applied. In some cases we use filters to complement the water treatment. A Merus Ring solves existing deposits from the pipe and the filter removes it from the water. This is useful in closed cooling loops.

Filters are also used in private homes directly at the tapping point. We use this in our office to remove impurities from the building’s piping system.
Caution: A filter needs to be cleaned or exchanged regularly. Otherwise it might block the flow of water.