Limescale in the Combination Steamer or Oven

Combination steamers are used to reheat, cook or bake precooked meals or baked goods finally. Similar to an oven with steam function these combination steamers operate with high temperatures.

Often the steam production is included in the steamer and is done with a electrical flow heater. If the water isn’t treated before entering the steamer, limescale will settle in the device. Cleaning the small pipes is difficult and is linked to the risk of damaging the heating element.

Under normal conditions installing a Merus Ring solves this problem fully. Our experience shows that at least the cleaning cycle is enhanced significantly. Also cleaning the inner walls is much easier and can be done without chemical cleaning agents.

Industrial oven

In industrial ovens, bread is baked professionally. It includes a tubing for steam injection. This is where the baked goods are sprayed with water to finish the baking process.

The problem is similar to these in combination steamers. As water is operated at very high temperatures (about 200°C) limescale precipitates easily. Therefore the tubing needs to be exchanged frequently. This takes about one hour every time.

A Merus Ring in the device has the effect that the limescale stays solved in the water and doesn’t settle in the pipes. The lifetime of the components increases tremendously. If the tubing for steam injection needed to be exchanged every week, it will be necessary only once a month after installing the Merus Ring.

Additionally it is possible to clean the furred pipes by knocking it gently as the limescale has a soft texture. Aggressive chemicals aren’t needed at all.


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