Eco Friendly Water Treatment for Hotels

User: Oberoi Hotel Lombok, Indonesia

The Oberoi Hotel Lombok is located on a smaller island nearby Bali in southern Indonesia. This Oberoi Hotels are considered as one of the most luxurious and best hotels in the world. Guests from Europe or the US, think they have reached paradise, when coming there.
In such places it is even more important to have the highest standards if it comes to the quality of water.
Unfortunately, the water supplied to the Hotel complex is not of the best quality, using bore well water is no option either. So the engineers had to fight corrosion and microbiological problems in the water storage tank constantly. The pipe network feeding the different bungalows and buildings at the resort had problems as well. Having such an unstable situation with the water, management recommended their guests not to use tap water as drinking water, not even using it for brushing teeth.

Installing a Merus Ring to improve the water quality

Oberoi Lombok

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We installed Merus Rings at several locations and pipes in order to reach the entire water system. Regular monitoring of the water has been done before the installation and was continued more frequently afterwards. We also took samples to measure the iron content and the amount of microorganisms  in the water. Both values started to diminish a short time after the installation.

Color and the turbidity of the water got back to normal. The amount of microorganism in the water stabilized below the required values of 100 CFU/ml.

Seeing this results, adding water treatment chemicals was stopped. The water quality continued to be monitored and checked to see if the performance of the Merus Rings stayed stable. Now, more than one year after the installation, the values remain stable.

The hotel management is now considering to allow their guests to use tap water again for brushing teeth. This is not only reducing cost but also positive for the environment as bottled water has to be transported a long way to the hotel. Not adding chemicals to the water is also a great bonus for wallet and environment.

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