Limescale in the washing machine in hotel laundry

User: Divani Hotel Group, Greece

Limescale can become a problem in washing machines of every size. Similar to dish washers – if the heating coil in the machine is coated with limescale the efficiency of the heat transfer decreases. Also a strange smell in the washing machine can be an indicator of deposits and fouling.

We have successfully installed Merus Rings in hotel laundries. One of these serves as example for the effect. Two business hotels in the city as well as tourism hotes at the coast are part of the Divani hotel group.

The hotel we’d like to look at has its own laundry which (just like the dish washer) struggles with problems due to hard water. Even if chemicals are added the interior of the appliances needs to be cleaned mechanically and chemically twice a month to remove the limescale.

Merus Ring in hotel laundry

After we installed one Merus Ring at cold and warm water feed line the customer monitors the performance himself. The first changes can be observed very soon. Existing deposits are no longer hard but have a soft texture. No new limescale has settled and no chemical cleaning is necessary anymore.

With these good results the customer decided to do the laundry without fabric softener. As the limescale doesn’t stick to the laundry but stays solved in the water the laundry is soft and fluffy anyway. This is not only a benefit for the wallet but also for health and environment.