Limescale in the urban water supply

User: Drinking water- and waste water supply (DEYA), Chrissoupolis in Greece

The most important issue for lime scale protection and water treatment is to achieve the best quality for the water which is fed into the system or household.

Water supply in a Greek village

Chrissoupoli is located in the northeast of Greece. The area is supplied with especially hard water, often more than 30°dH. The village has its own well were they take the water from.

Due to the high amount of limescale in the water, it settled in the pipe and their diameter decreased. Not all houses in the village could get sufficient water. The pumping capacity wasn’t enough, at certain house only very low pressure reached.

For th evillage it was financially a disaster as cleaning the pipes wasn’t possible. Blocked pipes needed to be exchanged. One alternative for the village was to exchange the whole pipe system or to locate critical parts and exchange them.

After a visual inspection of the current situation in the pipe system we decided to start with a trial phase. We installed one Merus Ring at one selected pipe. It fed big parts of the city with water and the incrustations were heavy.

In short time pipes have been free of scale again

Four months after installing the Merus Ring we went to Greece again to check the results in the pipe. Even after this short period of time the pipe was clean. The deposits had vanished and the smooth surface was visible. At this pipe a stable water pressure was ensured. Additionally there were no areas with corrosion anymore.

Compared to exchanging the pipes we provided a sustainable solution. The Merus Rings were not only effective but also cost efficient because new pipes would have the same problems with the water in a few months.

Nowadays the volume and pressure of the water is satisfying in all areas of the village.


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