Bathroom & Shower

Many modern shower cubicles are made of glass.  Very soon stains form due to limescale in the water. If the bathroom is not cleaned regularly after showering cleaning gets even harder due to hard crusts forming.  At home this is just an unpleasant view and takes time. In hotels cleaning costs due to limescale are far higher than they would be without.

The solution

After installing a Merus Ring, far less deposits form. Firstly as the water’s surface tension changes less droplets stick to the shower wall. Thus fewer limescale is left behind when the water evaporates.  In addition, it helps to rinse off the shower cubicle walls with cold water  after showering. This helps preventing stains because cold water contains less limescale than hot water.

Of course no magic is done – so there is limescale left which will stick to your glass walls. But it is far less than without a Merus Ring and remaining stains can be removed easily with a sponge or damp cloth. As the limescale’s consistency is very soft and not crusty anymore.

Doing like this the hot droplets are replaced by cold droplets, which evaporate less. Less evaporation means less scale can happen at the weally. Some stains may form nevertheless. These stains can generally be removed easily with a sponge or cloth if you do this twice per week.

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