Reduced water pressure, due to deposits in pipes and machines

Deposits in the piping system can be responible for reduced flow and reduced pressure. In water systems usually the deposits consist of limescale, rust, biofouling or impurities from outside. In oil or gas pipelines it can be in addition parafine wax.

Especially susceptible for blocking or fouling are parts of the pipe, where water is stagnat most of the time, or isnt used at all. Here the pipe isn’t rinsed sufficiently, which supports the growing incrustations. In the end this results in a high pressure drop over the pipe and lesser flow of water.
The solution in the industry, where there has to be a certain pressure or amount of water at a certain point in the system, is to install stronger pumps or more pumps. This leads to the need of far more energy and cost in the end.

Cleaning the pipe, improves the flow and the pressure

We install Merus Rings at the beginning of the water pipe system to remove the existing deposits. In bigger and longer pipe systems, it might be required to install more then one Merus Ring, to ensure the same good effect into the last corner of the system.
The Merus technology ensures that no new deposits will form and on top removes the already existing incrustation. Thus the pipe diameter increases to its original diameter and the water pressure can go back to normal. Thus solved old deposits will be flushed out of the pipe, or settle in the cooling tower sump.

Nevertheless it can take some time until the pipes are fully clean again. What grew in years won’t be gone in seconds. You can monitor the improvement by checking the volume of water coming out of the pipe, you check the pressure drop, etc.

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