Spa Area and Showers in Fitness Clubs

User: FitnessFirst in Great Britain, Benelux, France

Most fitness clubs don’t only care for the fitness of your body but also provide spa activities. Therefore they not only use water for drinking and shower but also in the steam bath, sauna or even pools.

Water treatment in fitnessclubs

Fitness Studio

In 2005 we started with some performance tests at FitnessFirst in Great Britain. After some good results at water boilers and steam generators the management decided install Merus Rings in every club. The investment in the water treatment was amortized fast thanks to reduced service requirements and saving costs for cleaning agents.

The cooperation had been enhanced to other countries. Today about 500 fitness clubs are equipped with Merus Rings and even more are waiting for it.


Example: Steam generators

Especially the steam generators have been challenging for the cleaning personal. They should produce steam for the steam bath round the clock. Due to limescale in the nozzles there were regular downtimes for cleaning and maintenance. The worst case was cleaning the generator twice a week.

There are two types of steam generators: those with and without automatic blow down for disludging.

The results

After installing the Merus Ring at a steam generator without automatic blow down there is far less limescale in the system. The remaining deposits have a soft texture and can be removed easily.

In the generators with automatic blow down there is only very few limescale which is flushed out of the system automatically.

As described above service requirements and costs were reduced significantly. Additionally the steam generators work far more efficiently with Merus Rings as deposits would reduce the heat transfer and heating capacity.