Water Treatment in Fitness Clubs

Most fitness clubs do not only care for the fitness of our bodies, but also provide spa activities. Water is not only used for drinking and taking a shower. A lot of clubs offer also steam bath, sauna or even pools, where water is needed.

Water treatment in fitness clubs

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In 2005, Merus began some performance testing at FitnessFirst in the UK. It was decided to test on hot water boilers and steam generators, both machines that normally require a lot of service. In view of the very good results, the management decided to install Merus rings in all their nearly 300 clubs in the UK. In practice, the Merus-Rings have replaced the traditional water treatment with a water softener.

Today several of the FitnessFirst clubs one the mainland of Europe are owned by Basic Fit. The Dutch Basic Fit is one of the fastest growing fitness providers in Europe, who owns today more then 1000 clubs in Europe. The technical management was from the beginnig convinced from the advantages of the Merus Rings. Soon it became mandatory for all their clubs to use the Merus Water treatment solution.

What speaks for Merus Rings as the water treatment, the way fitness clubs are operated has changed. Whereas before three to four employees where working at a club, today it is reduced to only one person. Doing like this it was possible to bring down the monthly fee to less then 20 Euro a month.
Where before a technican has looked for technical problems in a club, today the only employee has to fix all problems as a side job. So Merus Rings are the obvious choice, as there is no regular service required.

Troublemakers in a fitness club

Steam generators and shower heads have been challenging for the cleaning personal. A steam generator should produce steam for the steam bath. If there is limescale in the nozzles, there were regular downtimes for cleaning and maintenance. The worst cases we know, was manually cleaning the generator twice a week.

The showers or better the shower heads where responsible for trouble. A scaled shower head, delivers water everywhere, but fell not only on the head of the one taking a shower. The appearence of the shower heads counts as the hygenic flagship and gives an indication of the overall cleanness of the fitness clubs.

Two Merus Rings for the whole fitness club

For a smaller club we install usually only two Merus Rings. One at the entrance of the city water into the club and a second one at the hot water boiler. If there is a machine like a steam generator a third Merus Ring will installed in the feed line. This rings take care of the whole water system. In showers there is less scale forming and the remaining deposits have a soft texture and can be removed easily.

As described above service requirements and costs  for cleaning agents were reduced significantly. Compared to a classical water softener, which was used before Merus became the first choice, the investment in a Merus Ring is less than one third and there are no costs for regeneration, etc.

Water Treatment Fitness Club

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