Corrosion Control Water Treatment

Today water in the industry is still mostly transported in metallic pipes. Machine or systems are produced in iron. The simpler the iron or the carbon steel the greater is the risk of corrosion.

Literature says, corrosion is an (unwanted) reaction of a surface with the surrounding elements. Corrosion harms the surface and can erode the substance. In case of metal it is visible in form of rust. The metal of the pipes reacts with the oxygen in the water. Pipes in which the water is stagnating are even more endangered to be affected.

If the water coming out of the pipe is brown, parts of the network or system might be corroded. The surface has been eroded and is flushed out as rust. In some cases this can even cause holes in the pipe – this phenomenon is called pitting.

Damage caused by corrosion

corrosion at a metal cage in industrial areaIt is told by mining companies, that 70 % of the fresh mined iron ore, is used to replace corroded steel. Steel used in the construction, used for pipe lines, used for machines and whole plants. See as an example the picture to the left of an old plant, where the rust covers the metal from outside. It is estimated by NACE, the US American National Agency of Corrosion Engineers, the damage in the US are $300 Billion annually.

Majority of the corrosion is happening outside, where unprotected metallic surfaces are in contact with the atmosphere. Corrosion control by water treatment cant help in this case. One needs painting or coating of the surfaces to avoid this kind of corrosion.

Merus Rings are made for corrosion control inside pipes and machines. Inside a pipe the risk of corrosion is usually higher, as the surface is in constant contact with water or liquid product, which might be repsonsible for the corrosion.

Corrosion damages in pipes can be very expensive in industrial applications, as well as in private homes. Changing pipes or machines involves high costs and downtimes. It can also be relevant to security of the system, if safety valves, sprinklers and other devices get immovable due to rust.

What can be done to prevent corrosion

We think that physical water treatment is the solution. Please see on our webpage what a Merus Ring can do to avoid rust damage or bring down corrosion rates MPY significant. The case studies give an overview of methods and possibilities.

If you have further questions concerning your individual case please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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