Pitting Corrosion

Pitting CorrosionIf corrosion occurs in metal pipes, they are likely to leak over time. This is also known as „pitting“, although this is actually not quite correct.

In most cases, pitting is the result of a galvanic element. This occurs when two different metals come together in a water pipe. This creates voltage – as with a battery. To prevent this, a piece of brass should always be installed in a mixed installation so that the iron and the copper do not come into direct contact.

If impurities such as iron particles enter a system with copper pipes from the outside, corrosion begins immediately. Depending on the water and pipe quality, this process takes place more quickly at already affected points than at intact ones. This causes the pitting to eat through the pipe until it leaks and finally has to be replaced.

Preventative measures against pitting

The Merus Ring can be used in advance to reduce the probability of pitting or acutely to stop the progress of pitting. Of course only corrosion or pitting, which takes place from the inside to the outside. Merus is not suitable for preventing corrosion on the outside of the pipe.

We are not one hundred percent capable of stopping pitting corrosion. The reason for this is that strong chemical forces act when different elements react. However, experience in projects with Merus Rings shows that the frequency of pipe damage has decreased by more than 90%.

In a particularly drastic case at a customer with around 100 residential properties, pipe damage had to be repaired every three to four weeks. Since the installation of Merus 8 years ago, two cases have occurred. It is always advisable to install a dirt filter at the water inlet in a property to prevent foreign particles from entering the water installation from outside.

In addition, experience has shown that Merus is able to significantly reduce the corrosion rate in pipes and systems. Systems with a corrosion removal of 10 MPY, stabilize to values +/- 1 MPY. If the total corrosion in a pipe or system is reduced so far, the probability of pitting also decreases dramatically.

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