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The Merus story is a story that has always been about finding new ways to contact customers. For us it is and was important to recognise trends, try out different media and talk and listen a lot.

We learned a lot and tried a lot. Of course, not every plan you think about will work.

We also had to get to know our customers bit by bit. Where direct contact via trade fairs or telephone conversations used to be important, today all information has to be prepared for the Internet.

The most important lesson?

Do not assume from the own taste to that of others! At the beginning of the 2000s it was time to say goodbye to the style of the 90s. By this we mean not only flared trousers and platform shoes, but first and foremost the corporate design of Merus. That had become a bit out of date with a lot of colour and colourful pictures.

So a new, "adult", classic design in elegant blue was developed. But the world was apparently not yet ready for it.
That means then on multiple desire of the dealers and customers: Roll backwards, the old packagings and flyers are out again and the revolution in design is shifted backwards.

So now a blog...

... Right. We would like to tell you a little about what is important to us and who is behind Merus. With the blog we create a platform for all our ideas, encounters, experiences, without spoiling the clarity of the homepage. So the whole project should be carried out apart from explanations and case studies, apart from business, even if both are interlinked.

The writing is mainly done by me, Annika. I have been working for Merus since the end of 2014 and have completed my master's degree in a cooperative study program with Merus. I'll make that an issue at an appropriate time. My colleagues and our managing director will also contribute some texts so that different stories will be told.

We are looking forward to telling you more about us and look forward to your feedback.
In this sense: Have fun reading.

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