Hard Water Treatment

South of Lake Erie, somewhere in Ohio, an older couple built their new home. For the water supply of the house a well was drilled, as it is usual in the mid west in the States. In addition to the drinking water supply, a small orchard will also be irrigated with this well water. The drilling went well, a lot of clean looking water. The water contained mostly calcium and magnesium and a few other mineral, but no bad smell.
The bad surprise, the well water has a hardness of unbelieveable 128 grains, which is more than 2200 ppm. All the more surprising, the people in this area are used to getting hard water, but by far not to this extent.

What to do with the hard water

a Merus Ring on the hot and the cold water lineThe obvious choice is a water softener, all the friends and neighbourgs told. And so the couple asked around, what kind of water softener they would need and what would be the cost of this ion exchange. Most of the local traders waved after hearing how hard the water really was. Only two manufacturers operating nationwide submitted an offer.
Their solution a back to back installation of two water softeners. A extremly high consumption of regeneration salt. And on top no guarantee that it will work. And the cost more then 10,000 USD.

Against Hard water – the Merus solution

We met the drilling company that drilled the well a few days later. The owner was very dissatisfied with the result of his drilling. He’s never hit such hard water before. He did not know which kind of hard water treatment to use, to turn this very hard water into softer water. Which also could be used without hesitation as drinking water. But also wouldnt harm the water system, with the pipes and water heaters and other appliance.
The owner of the drilling company asked, if Merus would be able to soften the water enough, so it can be used and would be endurable. He was very sceptical whether such small rings could do, what the water softener could not do without further ado. But desparate situation asking for desprate solutions. He called his customer and half an hour later, we had an appointment.

Also the lady of the house was full of doubt and sceptic, but finally let us in. We installed just 3 Merus Rings as water treatment, for the whole house and the garden. One at the pipe after the pump at the well and one each at the blue cold water line and the red hot water line.

How Merus managed

Merus is changing the solubility of all soluble parts in the water. Means the calcium and magnesium responsible for the hardness, will stay solved in the water instead of forming hard limescale. The Merus Rings noticable change the surface tension. Means the former hard water, feels softer.

The lady of the house reported the soap is working again, when washing the hair it foamed again.

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