Wash Bay – hard water problems

Our most recent client in Canada is an oilfield service company in Lashburn SK. They run a large wash bay and maintenance shop where they can service, maintain and wash their oilfield trucks and equipment. The water quality in Lashburn is less than ideal, as it is very hard and contains high amounts of dissolved solids (1600-1700 ppm – 98 grains per gallon).
hot water boilersAs a result, corrosion and lime scale build up in boilers, water heaters and piping systems is a common challenge in the area. Our client has a high daily water consumption of 20-25m3. Due to the nature of their business water quality is very important for them and poor water quality causes premature equipment failure and excessive repair and maintenance cost. To tackle water quality issues, they had recently dismantled the water softener in the shop as they did not believe it was adding much value and was quite costly to operate.
The local plumbing company quoted them $45,000 for a complete RO system to get rid of the limescale issues in their facility.

Validating Merus technology in a wash bay

As part of validating MERUS technology in Canada, we wanted to test it in harsh environments such as Lashburn. We had the luck we could install a 2 ½” High Capacity Industrial ring, that can treat up to 80m3/hr. It was installed on Jan 24th2019

After a month, we followed up with the client to see if they had noticed any improvement in their water quality. They mentioned they have noticed some improvements, but because of extreme cold weather in Feb, they haven’t used the wash bay as frequently.
On Mar 28th, our client reached out and informed us that they have noticed a huge improvement in water quality in their facility, and have not seen any of the issues they had in the past. These issues subsided since the MERUS ring was installed.
On Apr 5th, our client requested a technician to service the boilers and the car wash facility, the technician opened the boilers and the coils on the car wash and did not see any scale in the system.

Energy saved – no more stains on the washed cars

black truck - washed - air dried- no wiping - no stainsIn late April -three months past the installation- our client stripped the pipes and fittings on the boilers to check for limescale buildup and did not see any limescale whatsoever.

In early May, they had to turn down the heat by 10 degrees as the weather started getting warmer. They realized the wash wand was too hot to touch, therefore, the heat was reduced by 10 more degrees. This 20-degree reduction in heat proves that the boilers don’t have any scale.

Today when they wash black trucks, they use when finnished only cold water to rinse the car. This is enough to wash down eventually lime scale. And the trucks are clean without any stains, as seen on the left.

We will forward you the contact details of the shop, so you can confirm these findings. Please contact at and we forward the mobile number to you, or the calculation of the monthly savings reached by using Merus Rings compared to the water softener and RO system.

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