Limescale in Water

How to prevent limescale in your pipes and machines.

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The effect of limescale in the waterpipe

Limescale and other salts are solved in almost every water. This is not a sign for good or bad water quality. As long as these foreign substances stay solved, they are transported trough the pipes without causing damage. 

So why is limescale in some cases an issue? If the foreign substances settle in the pipe crusts will form. This reduces the pipe diameter and works as an insulation. This affects the pressure in the pipe or also the heat transfer in heat exchangers.

Especially where heat is used and water evaporates, these problems are even aggravated. 

Problems with limescale occur in different places and scale. More information concerning use cases in industry and private homes are summarized in our case studies.

How to avoid limescale deposits?

There are different methods and tools to get rid and avoid limescale deposits in technical applications. Chemical and mechanical cleaning is often expensive and produces downtimes.

Therefore we developed a simple tool for physical water treatment. It is installed on the main water pipe in the form of an aluminium ring. The Merus Ring transmits oscillations to the water. These keep the pipes clean as foreign substances stay solved in the water. They don't settle in pipes and machines. It works without further energy and even under high temperature. 

Depending on flow volume and pipe diameter the size of the Merus Ring changes, the effect stays the same.

No matter if you have problems in your heat exchanger, cooling tower, air-condition or laundry, we offer a sustainable solution.

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