Machine cooling

Many machines and engines produce waste heat which needs to be conducted out of the system. Therefore, in many cases cooling water is led to the machine components through valves.

If untreated water is used limescale can settle in the pipes. A first indication is that the valves are stuck. First, they move sluggishly until they don’t work anymore.

Additionally, the cooling performance is reduced as deposits serve as heat insulation. Extensive maintenance is required.


Merus Ring in machine cooling

Machine cooling is similar to other cooling processes. We have achieved equally good results in all of these applications.

The goal is to enhance maintenance cycles and stabilize cooling performance. The success of the measure depends on the design of the machine. In some cases electrical motors can weaken the effect of the Merus Ring. Therefore, we always offer trial periods in which we can find the perfect setting for your application.

Once installed, the Merus Ring emits special oscillations through the water. Subsequently existing deposits are dissolved in the water and limescale doesn’t settle anymore.


For more information please see our description of the function.

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