Boiler corrosion prevention

Peter the Plantman Peter the Plantman operates a nursery and does plant care in Calgary and surrounding areas. His greenhouse is located on Mountain View Trail west of the city of Calgary, Canada.
Corrosion prevention at Peter the Plantman using Merus RingsThe one hectare greenhouse is home to many plants and other greenery during the winter season. A lot of plants from the high raisers down town Calgary are taken care off during the cold season. If you know the winter in Calgary, you can imagine how much heat is needed to make the hosted plants feel at home.
To heat the green house, there are 5 computerized, highly efficient natural gas boilers installed. The water is heated to 80°C. Approximately 7000 liter of water is distributed in closed loops made of steel pipes automatically. The mulitude of valves and pumps are controlled by a fully automated SCADA system. There are seven different loops, feeding different parts of the plant.

As protection for this expensive boilers and equipment, it is essential to have a corrosion prevention for the boiler.

Chemical treatment offers a solution for corrosion protection. This method works well in many applications against corrosion. But   depending on the kind of water and the technical environment in which the water is used, chemical treatment may not be sufficient to prevent corrosion.

In the Greenhouse we have 7 different closed circuits. In such a loop there may be parts where the chemicals do not reach. Or the chemicals have already been consumed on their way to distant parts of the pipe system.
In such a case, a part of the system is without corrosion protection. Sooner or later, corrosion will occur at such an unprotected point, resulting in rust and or pitting corrosion.
This rust spreads over the entire water network and the boilers. When rust settles on a steel surface, almost all types of steel begin to corrode. Even on stainless steel, which usually does not rust, corrosion begins.

In our case despite all the high tech and the continous adding of expensive boiler corrosion inhibitors, the corrosion rate and herewith the iron content in the water system was never under control and always gave cause of concern.

Corrosion in water boilers strongly reduced

After Merus Rings have been installed at the loops, the corrosion rate and herewith the iron content in the water dropped continuos. Measuring the total iron in water is a good and reliable methode to see what is going on in a water system.

The Merus Rings remove the exisiting rust from the surfaces. If the rust is removed, the metallic surface will develop a coating of black magnetite.
Magnetite is stable against new corrosion and is a natural protection for the steel. Our method works almsot like a coating, which a perfect corrosion protection.

The iron content reached after a few month time a stable level below 1 ppm, which is far below the set acceptance level of 2.2 ppm.

After seeing this positive trends and result, the engineers reduced step by step the dosing of anti corrosion chemicals into the boilers. Today the system is operated, with only 1/4 of the corrosion inhibitors used before.
The method to use both, chemicals and the solutions from Merus is used by a lot of customers today. Using Merus Rings as stand alone solution is successful done also. As using no chemcials is the best method for our environment.

Of course the relevant parameter in the water are constant checked. Our customer is very satisfied with the savings and the Merus Rings. We can send you his reference letter, please send an Email.

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