Boiler corrosion prevention

Peter the Plantman is doing plant maintenance and nursery in Calgary and the area around. His greenhouse is located at the Mountain View Trail west of the city of Calgary, Canada.
The Peter the Plantman using Merus Ringsone hectar greenhouse is during the winter season home to a lot of plants and other green stuff. People who know the winter in Calgary, can imagine how much heating is required, to make the hosted plants feel comfortable.
To achieve this job, there are 5 computerized, highly efficient natural gas boiler installed. The water is heated to 80°C. Approximately 7000 liter of water is distributed in closed loops automatically. The mulitude of valves and pumps are controlled by a fully automated SCADA system. There are seven different loops, feeding different parts of the plant. To protect this expensive boilers and equipment, boiler corrosion prevention is very important.

Despite all the high tech and the continous adding of expensive boiler corrosion inhibitors, the corrosion rate or iron content in the water system was never under control and always gave cause of concern.

Corrosion in water boilers strongly reduced

After Merus Rings have been installed at the loops, the corrosion rate and herewith the iron content in the water dropped continuos. The iron content reached after a few month time a stable level below 1 ppm, which is far below the set acceptance level of 2.2 ppm.
After seeing this positive result, the engineers reduced step by step the anti corrosion chemicals adding to the boilers. Doing so the water boilers are operated today, with only 1/4 of the boiler corrosion inhibitors used before. Of course the relevant parameter in the water are constant checked. Our customer is very satisfied with the savings and the Merus Rings.
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