Looking back at 2019

Now the year 2019 is drawing to a close and we too can only tune in to the general whisper: "That went fast now.". Of course this is a classic opportunity for a little review.

One year Merus-Blog

Our small corporate blog has been around for one year now. These are twelve texts in which we explain, describe, list, present, expose and summarize what has no place elsewhere on the website.
This is how we have presented charitable projects that are close to our hearts. Always in the hope that perhaps a reader feels inspired to make a small contribution as well. After all, we can only preserve our world together. We have also taken up topics that we encounter again and again at work. Questions about Merus, the technology and the scientific background. We hope you have found some answers here. But ultimately, we still prefer to prove on site that our product delivers what it promises.
Finally, I had the opportunity to bring up some comparisons and examples and relate them to our way of thinking. Those who missed this can read in the previous articles what Merus has to do with ice skating, an apple or photosynthesis.

Merus around the world

Here at headquarters it was an eventful year with guests from all over the world and visits all over the world. We were invited to taste chocolates from Argentina, coffee from Thailand and tea from China. Apart from that we supported many new and interesting projects around fluid treatment. This is an enriching experience for both sides, especially when dealing with customers on site. On the subject of business travel: It is possible to compensate for CO2 emissions from flights. This means that the same amount of CO2 is reabsorbed elsewhere - by plants, for example. We are also currently taking a few big steps towards CO2-neutral production. I'll tell you about this in the blog when we get there.

New paths and proven methods

Last year we added two videos to our range of information. We would like to continue to prepare and explain more technical topics in the form of videos in the future. This is important to understand Merus technology in its overall context. We explain cooling circuits, heat exchangers, key figures and, of course, the Merus Ring. So far two videos are available, everything else will be produced step by step. We are particularly pleased that Merus' holistic approach is made clear in this way: We always look at the entire system and thus combat its weaknesses in terms of deposits, corrosion or biofouling.

To conclude the old year and begin the new one, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Merus as a partner, customer, supporter, colleague or friend. Thank you for sharing our idea of clean water and making our work so colourful.

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