Company Philosophy – Social Commitment

We are convinced that respect is the key to sustainable success. This respect applies to business partners, customers and nature.

When I read it that way, it sounds a little bit like phrasemongering to me. In fact, however, long-term relationships with business partners can only develop if you meet at eye level. More than 25 years of Merus prove this philosophy right. Sustainable success = success that sustains.

For our everyday life this also means that we do not carry out any nonsensical installations. If we believe that the interested party does not need water treatment, we will say so openly. This can be the case, for example, in areas with very soft water. We don't talk anybody into this.

Guiding principles for our business relationships

Three basic ideas are important to us:

  1. Every customer should decide for himself for our solution and our product. Only in this way can it live up to its expectations. We support with information and generous test phases. But never force us on.
  2. We treat our business partners fairly. Transparency and openness are important to us. After all, everyone benefits from long-term, positive partnerships - we, the partner and the customer. Experience results in expertise and ultimately in good advice.
  3. Respect for nature - quite hackneyed and difficult to implement. We are operating worldwide and often also personally on site. In general, we carefully consider the necessity of a trip. For a single appointment we do not fly around the globe and accept the CO2 emissions. Our products are all manufactured around our headquarters in Sindelfingen. This means that long transports between the production sites are not necessary.

We reuse (also) old packaging material for the journey to the customer so that as little waste as possible is produced. Filling material for padding or cardboard boxes are thus used more than once.
Most importantly, however, in many places we are helping to reduce the amount of chemicals that get into the water. Where Merus rings are installed in industry, less or no chemical additive is required in the water to dissolve lime or other deposits or to remove algae.

In this way we contribute at least a little to environmental protection.

In the next few articles I would like to present three projects that we at Merus support financially. They all have the idea of seeing us as part of the environment. Without unspoiled nature, survival is not possible for us as a company and as people.

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