Social Commitment to Drinking Water

25 yearsTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company 2016, we have started a fundraising campaign for the German non-profit association "Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.". In the anniversary year, we set aside 5€ for each ring sold. At the end of the year, the collected contributions were donated to Viva con Agua. We are now "Supporter" since then and have contributed again last year.

The association is committed to clean drinking water all over the world. For example, wells are being built in the dry regions of the world for this purpose. The aim is to provide everyone with easy access to clean water.

Donations are collected by the association with different actions. Viva con Agua can be seen at concerts and festivals, for example. Here, deposit cups and bottles are collected and the proceeds from the deposit are used for our own projects.

So why did we choose Viva con Agua as our anniversary project?

Drinking water stands for the beginning of help for self-help in dry countries and for the end of the journey of water through the world. Our whole life revolves around it, even if it is not a conscious thought for me personally and luckily I don't have to worry about it. We are of the opinion that this should apply to all people on earth.

Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua Picture by Melanie Haas

After all, no economy can develop without water. Anyone who walks many kilometers to the nearest well every day and then has to queue for its (polluted) water for a long time cannot go to school or work. The resulting poverty once again means that labor plays a greater role than education. Without water, the development of a region towards prosperity is impossible. Viva con Agua is at the forefront in Germany when it comes to presence and training on these topics, which are important to us all. So we decided to make a small contribution through the donation in order to make more drinking water available to more people.

If you are interested in the association, please read more at

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