Theatre for dementia patients

To confront people with socially relevant and moving issues, the association Dialogtheater e.V. regularly organises various events.
The aim is to inspire people to think laterally and rethink. An easy access to difficult topics is to be created. For this purpose, theatre performances, theatre education, cabaret programmes and creative dialogues are offered.
The focus is on different target groups, such as senior citizens in old people's homes, immigrants or refugees. This greatly promotes intercultural knowledge and understanding. The venues are often old people's homes, generation houses or community centres.

Project Dementia Adventure

The problem with people with dementia is the persistent or progressive impairment of memory, thinking and other brain functions. Interpersonal, i.e. social, difficulties can also occur. Many people with dementia are then no longer able to manage their daily lives themselves. Those affected lose the ability to plan, remember or behave appropriately.
This is not only stressful for the environment and the family, but above all for the sufferers themselves.

This year, the actors and actresses of the Dialogtheater are performing again with a programme for dementia patients.
"A funny train journey through Germany" is the name of the play, which shows various everyday scenes on the journey by train.
Meeting each other, learning from each other and finding creative ways. That is the aim of this project.
The association wants to touch people, give them moments of joy and discover creative ways of communicating with people with dementia. Many people think that you can tell demented people many things without changing anything or without them really noticing. However, memories are awakened through the plays, which are accompanied by music and songs from the sick person's youth. People are "revived" with wit and humour. They are given a zest for life and a break from everyday life.
Who wouldn't like to jump on the train?

We were there

Despite pouring rain, the train left Haus Eichholzgärten in Sindelfingen on 13.07.2021 on time at 10:30 in the direction of Berlin. Each passenger received a ticket. Almost 30 residents travelled with us.
At first, the passengers didn't really know what was happening, but as the songs were sung, the audience visibly became livelier. After each stop, the locomotive had to be set in motion again. Almost everyone helped to the best of their ability. We congratulate the ensemble of the Dialogtheater Dementia. They have really managed to take the residents out of their everyday lives.

The other departure times and locations of the theatre train are as follows:

Monday, 9.08.2021
Departure 10.30 a.m. Haus Schwippe, Dagersheimer Str. 45, 71069 Sindelfingen

Monday, 9.08.2021
Departure 3.00 p.m. Haus Burghalde, Burghaldenstr. 88, 71065 Sindelfingen

Tuesday, 10.08.2021
Departure 10.15 a.m. Haus Augustinus, Warmbronnerstr. 20, 71063 Sindelfingen

What does theatre has to do with Merus?

At Merus, we have embedded our attitudes and values in our company philosophy. Respect for the environment is a key element of this philosophy. We consider our environment to include not only nature and the climate, but also our fellow human beings, customers, partners, suppliers and friends.
Out of respect for our fellow human beings, we think the "Dementia Adventure" project is great. That is why we are very happy to support the association. Perhaps this will encourage more people with and without dementia to treat their fellow human beings with respect.

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