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"Don't trust statistics you didn't fake yourself." In times of fake news and information overload on the Internet, it is perhaps more important than ever to look closely at what is sold to you as "truth".

A question we are often asked:


We know exactly what you mean, but the question is not so easy to answer. Most customers would like to see a study that shows how the Merus Ring works. This means a clear connection between cause and effect.

Part of the difficulty with studies on the Merus Ring is that the applications are so diverse. For example, we have a study that shows that there is a link between successful fish farming and the treatment with Merus Rings. However, this result is of little use to you if your problem is in drinking water, the cooling tower or the washing machine.

Much more important, however, is that according to the principles of scientific work, a fact can never be proven. A simple example: No car manufacturer in the world will be able to provide you with proof that your own car drives and give you a lifetime warranty on its roadworthiness. Rather, the characteristics of the car have been tested so often that we now have experience with the life of the vehicle. If you take good care of your car and use it according to the manufacturer's instructions, you will enjoy it for a long time.

Merus Rings WorldwideOver the years, we have also installed thousands of Merus Rings under a wide variety of conditions. Some are in ideal surroundings, others are in unfavorable areas.
If possible, we check the effect either by visual examination or by data analysis (in the industry). If the Merus Ring is installed correctly, its effect is unlimited. This also means that every single successful installation strengthens the assumption that the Merus Ring works. (In the context of scientific work: we refute in a kind of long-term study the hypothesis that the Merus Ring does not work.)


Where there are difficulties, we analyze the situation and, if necessary, change the installation. This is the case if i.e. the effect does not correspond to the expectation. We then use comparable cases in our database and work out options for solving the problem. This can be a change in the installation location or an increase in the number of Merus Rings installed.
We, therefore, use our empirically determined data (in short: experience) as evidence for the effect of our technology. So that you do not have to believe any statistics, but can make own experiences, we usually offer trial phases or rental.

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