Limescale Protection in pipe and machines

blocked pipe due to lime scale depositsLimescale and salts are found in their dissolved form in almost every water. In common language limescale or calcium carbonate is causing hard water. Technically speaking, depending on the temperatur of the water, the solved minerals / salts start to percipitate. They form deposits or incrustations on surfaces. This process is also called scaling. Limescale are mineral deposits of mainly calcium, which form stains in kettles, dishwashers or at shower doors.

At home, in your shower this is just bothersome. People has to remove regular the stains and deposits. You use vinegar or citric acid and scrub hard to get rid of these calcium deposits. For example, if you have access to the inside of a kettle, the task is manageable. Even in a dishwasher or washing machine you can only clean what you can see. The invisible parts, the pumps and pipes to which one has no access and these cannot be cleaned so easily. One have to use a lot of vinegar or other chemicals and soak the parts where is no access.

However, in an industrial steam boiler, condenser or heat exchanger, scale and the resulting deposits can easily cause problems. This can lead to process malfunctions, a great deal of cleaning effort, to mention just two common problems. The heat transfer is reduced by calcium deposits, this will increase energy cost and reduce the performance of the heating or the cooling.

To avoid such critical problems water is treated or conditioned. The classical way to do is to use a water softener or other chemical ways to condition the water. Such treatment is expensive, you have regular cost and effort. Treating hugh amounts of water is either not possible or very expensive. If one uses seawater for cooling and this is chemically treated all the chemicals go back in the sea. And pollute the sea and the fish.

We agree that in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry the process water has to be free of lime scale. Nevertheless in utilities, like cooling water, the water has not to be free of limescale. It has to be assured the limescale is not causing technical problems, and this is achieved by the Merus Rings. 

Merus keeps limescale under control

Limescale falling off the hot water boiler

Merus proved for over 20 years, in several thousand industrial installations and more then 15.000 private homes. Merus Rings keep the limescale under control ! Means the cooling is working properly, the processes dont suffer under insufficient cooling or heating, there is no leaking due to corrosion or mineral deposits in the pipe network.
Shower heads and appliance stay clean. Far less stains in the kitchen or bath room. Hotel manager report room service need less time and detergents, for the cleaning of the bathroom. Even after washing a black car there are no stains, just rinsed with cold water thats it.

In most cases there is far less or no chemical treatment at all required, to achieve acceptable results. In some cases our industrial customers do both. Using chemical treatment and Merus Rings. We have reports from customers, the use of chemicals are reduced by half. See the official report of the chemicals used in a steam boiler.

We at Merus think the Merus Rings are a perfect limesclae protection. Try it.

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