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Quality seals are now a dime a dozen. They stand for quality and product safety, for compliance with legal requirements and for what the product or service actually stands for.
Unfortunately, as a consumer you are no longer sure what benefit you get from the many different seals.
"Made in Germany", on the other hand, is considered one of the best-known seals of quality. Especially outside Germany, we have made this experience. Customers can say: "Well, the product comes from Germany, then it is good".
You can read here what is actually behind the designation "Made in Germany" and what it means for us as a company.

The meaning of "Made in Germany"

During industrialisation, in 1887, the British implements the practice of labelling goods from other countries. The aim was to discourage domestic buyers from buying cheaper products from Germany. At that time, labelled foreign products were still considered bad and counterfeit. However, the desired effect did not last long with the English consumer.
By improving quality and optimising the price-performance ratio, German manufacturers managed to develop their goods into a globally recognised quality standard. Thus, the British were involuntarily the stirrup holders to make "Made in Germany" what it is today.
The seal for products that have their origin in Germany is associated with several characteristics. Good quality, high safety standards, environmentally conscious management, sustainability and a employee-friendly operation. In order to be allowed to use the label nowadays, there are several points that need to be taken into account. The crucial factor is the manufacturing process. It is prescribed that the predominant or decisive part of the manufacturing steps must take place in Germany. This takes into account whether the basic production, the final assembly or the decisive part of the value chain takes place in Germany. However, there is no concrete definition.

Made in Germany at Merus

Our Merus ring is completely made and manufactured in Germany.
For us, "Made in Germany" means not only producing in our own country and keeping the quality high. It also means that we operate and act sustainably.
Our production steps are summarised as follows:

  1. The aluminium blanks we buy from suppliers in our immediate vicinity.
  2. The engraving of the rings is done by a service provider in our neighbourhood.
  3. The last step, the refinement of the blanks into Merus rings, takes place exclusively in our company.

But that is not all. In order not to lose sight of sustainable management and action and to meet our own high standards, we are constantly optimising and working on existing solutions. For example, we make sure that our business is as CO2-neutral as possible. We try to buy all the materials we need regionally. Unfortunately, we cannot always control where our suppliers source their own materials.
Our high standards also include creating an employee-friendly working environment. Only when work is fun, something productive and good can come out of it.
For us, it is not only the manufacturing process that is behind the designation, but also our philosophy and our own actions.

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